Cars which are build by O.S.I.

The OSI company (Officine Stampaggi Industriali) has designed his own cars on basis of existing cars. Below you can find information and pictures about cars which were made by OSI

I hope to extend this page with more information, pictures and links of cars which are build by OSI. If you have information, pictures and links, don't hesitate to mail me (

Alfa Romeo 1600 Scarabeo Coupe (Basis Alfa Romeo 1600)


Alfa Romeo OSI 2600 Berlina De Luxe Salon

Fiat 1300/1500 Familiare (5 doors Combi with Double headlights)

Fiat 2300/2300S Coupe Ghia

Fiat 1100 R (basis of Fiat OSI Spider/Coupe)

Ford Anglia Torino S (2 doors Limousine, design Michelotti)

Ford OSI 20m TS Coupe/Spider (Basis Ford Taunus 20m TS)

Innocenti 950 Spider S (Basis Austin Healy sprite, design Ghia)


OSI Bisiluro Silver Fox (Catamaran sportcar (double trunk))

OSI Daf City (Citycar)

OSI Fiat St. Trop 1200S Coupe/Spider (Basis Fiat 1100 D)

OSI Ford Mustang Coupe

OSI Secura (Secure Limousine, Basis Fiat 1500)

OSI Week End (Basis Fiat 850)